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Korisko Larkin Staskiewicz Funeral Home

5108 "F" Street

Omaha, NE 68117

Phone: (402) 731-1234

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Mike OHara

Kaneohe, HI

Sorry to see you go brother. You were a kind man and a good buddy in high school. Rest In Peace.
Monday, February 12, 2018



Omaha, NE

Jim was a life long friend. We went to grade school together at Saint Peter & Paul. I lived a little further from school then Jim, across the street from Morton Park. Sometimes walking home back then, I would stop at Jim's, house call mom and tell her where I was at. We'd play board game's like monopoly on the floor of his bedroom. His mom would serve us cookies and hot chocolate to drink.

Jim was also great friends with my father, stopping often at my parents house to talk and share stories. He loved to show others some of his collectables, like guns, baseball cards.

About a week an a half ago prior to Jim's death, I was leaving Ralston Keno as Jim was just leaving his car walking in. We stopped to talk. He said I have something for you and I said what? He reached into his wallet and pulled out a high school picture of my grade school girlfriend Betty, that he had kept for years and gave it to me.

Jim was always thinking of others and it was fun, to reminisce about the past when with him. When planning for a get-together at Darby's we sat on the steps of his house trying how to figure out how to find people we had known. It was memorable thinking of people we have not seen for a long time, wondering where they were at and what they were doing. I will always remember his laugh and smile.

Like others who knew him, I'll miss my friend, Jim. God be with him and his family.

Gary Hirsh

Sunday, February 11, 2018


George Dasovich

Omaha, NE

Sorry for your lost. Though Danny and I are out of town our thoughts are with you all.
George and Danny Dasovich.

Sunday, February 11, 2018